Dancing Gnome Releases Their 2021 Beer Series!

Dancing Gnome Releases Their 2021 Beer Series!

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Photos courtesy of Dancing Gnome Beer

New year, new beers aplenty, folks. As we have finally conquered the first month of 2021, it’s time to celebrate! 

Dancing Gnome’s yearly can release is upon us! Every year, Gnome releases a monthly series of nature-themed brews. I’ve seen birds, flowers, and last year’s tree series. This year they’re taking things into the watersheds of Western Pennsylvania! Diving into the ecosystems of our watersheds, this series will also have Nine Mile Run Watershed Association as the organization partner. This group works to protect our watersheds and also fight for climate justice in Pittsburgh. What an awesome organization to support!

The can art this year is straight up fire as well. Dancing Gnome is working with Rosalie Haizlett, a local artist, is creating some amazing artwork to go with these brews! Expect lots of details and intricate flourishes in these beautiful cans. Check out her site if you’re interested in getting prints of these epic cans! 

Last year’s entry, the tree series, explored many different varieties of beer. You had many of the classic Dancing Gnome IPAs, but other entries to the series were stouts or even different types of lagers. The first brew in the series is an IPA; Watershed. A 6.8% IPA, this beer is hopped with Galaxy, Nelson, and Ella hops for a tropical bomb of flavor. Expect notes of botanicals, fresh mint, grapes and rainforest flavors as well. Yum! 

Want to pick up something else to complement Watershed? Wishbone is a personal favorite and easy drinker. This 5% pale ale is hopped exclusively with citra and is a total classic in my opinion. I also love a good DIPA. Infinite Highway takes the cake here. This 8% beer is hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops and soft, hazy, and low in bitterness. Despite the ABV, it goes down easy.  All of these beers are available online for pickup when Dancing Gnome opens up again next week!

I’m excited to see what comes next in this series! With amazing art and tasty brews, I know I’ll be lining up each month for the next edition to this killer series! 

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