Hidden River beers for the end of Dry January
Hidden River beers for the end of Dry January

Celebrate The End of Dry January With These IPAs

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If you stay sober until the end of Dry January, you probably need a beer. You’re in luck because some of the best IPAs in the country are available for shipping to the entire state of Pennsylvania.

I don’t talk about Hidden River Brewing enough here. They brew some of the best IPAs in the greater Philadelphia area, and they’re starting to ship beer this week (2/1/21). Until then, they have four-packs for takeout and single cans for on-site consumption with their delicious, locally sourced food menu. So, whether you celebrating the end of Dry January or breaking your diet, Hidden River Brewing is the perfect place to do both!

Tired Hands is a Philly favorite. They once made Forbes’ list of the best breweries in the country, and they brew some of the hoppiest IPAs. More recently, they’ve been double dry-hopping their most popular beers, including Alien Church and PUNGE. They sell these beers for shipping (to PA, DC, and VA) and local pickup in Ardmore and Philly.

Trillium Brewing of Boston, MA produces some of the best IPAs in the country, and they just began shipping to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, due to LCB restrictions, customers may only purchase three 4-packs of one brand per year. For example, you can buy a maximum of three 4-packs of Scaled Up (one of their current offerings) per year, but there’s a bright side to Trillium’s UPS Direct shipping. PA customers can purchase only two 4-packs per order as opposed to a four 4-pack minimum at most breweries… If you’re okay with paying $25 shipping for two 4-packs, that is.

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