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It’s Stout Season at Spoonwood Brewing!

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Photo courtesy of Spoonwood Brewing

    As January gets cold and we all get frustrated with the amount of frost on our windshields each morning, winter settles in here in Pittsburgh. With the colder days and (hopefully) snowy evening, dark beer seriously hits the spot. There’s nothing better than chilling out with a nice stout or porter as the cold rages outside. 

    If you’re like me and love all dark beers, Spoonwood Brewing is a must-go for you right now. They have SIX dark beers available. Amazing! Several of these guys are imperial stouts as well, which is a personal favorite. I love me some high-gravity pasty goodness. Here’s my top three from the list. 

    Beer one – Mochanut Goon (9.7%). This one is a biiig boy! Ringing in at a killer 9.7%, this beer packs a big punch. A coffee coconut and chocolate imperial stout, this beer has been aged for one year in bourbon barrels. A sweet brew loaded with taste, it’s a perfectly balanced of bourbon barrel goodness and all things that I love about a stout. 

    Beer two – Approximately Heaven (4.2%). A lighter milk stout, this beer is going to be an easy drinker. With Valentine’s Day coming up before we know it, this beer sounds perfect for that day. A blend of dark chocolate and raspberry. This beer sounds delicious! The flavor notes start with chocolatey goodness and finish with hints of raspberry. Perfect.

    Beer three – Strategic Cocoa (8%) This  salted chocolate brown ale  is a blend of all things tasty. Created with chocolate malts, milk sugar, organic cacao and sea salt, this is just the beer to satisfy your sweet tooth! An imperial brown ale, expect roasty goodness with a nice salty finish. 

    That’s not all when it comes to these tasty brews! Love imperials as much as me? You can still grab cans of Carol of the Shells (10%)which is a cinnamon vanilla stout. You can also snag a Dead Goon (9.2%) the coconut free version of Mochanut Goon. There’s also the Black IPA on tap, Blackmore (6.7%) for those of us who love a nice, malty beer. 

Spoonwood has several of these beers available to go and is offering limited dining-in options as well if you want to make a meal out of it! Settle in to Winter at Spoonwood Brewing! 

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