Hype Breweries Shipping To Pennsylvania

The Veil Hype Breweries Shipping to PA

Hype Breweries Shipping To Pennsylvania

The Veil Hype Breweries Shipping to PA
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New York Hype Breweries

Equilibrium Brewery (4.25 on Untappd) of Middletown, NY is one of the most popular hype breweries in America, known for its scientifically named beers. Fans give their aromatic IPAs some of the highest overall ratings on Untappd, hence the 4.25 average score. They’re the only brewery on this list that distributes to Pennsylvania, but they sell a wider variety of brands for shipping.

Other Half (4.24) brews some of the craziest IPAs out of Brooklyn, New York. Their beer is so popular, someone, who happened to be drinking a White Claw at the time, pulled a gun at one of the can releases, but you don’t have to risk your life to get these hazies because they deliver to Pennsylvania. Shipping sales begin Mondays at 12 PM, but customers must order one full case of beer. If that’s too much beer for you, consider supporting Imprint and Tired Hands who only require four 4-packs for shipping orders.


It might seem unnecessary to list Pennsylvania breweries who ship here, but these breweries have some insane hype surrounding them. Plus, I have to advocate for supporting the local economy in the middle of a pandemic. Imprint Beer Company (4.17) is one that comes to mind for their Schmoojees. They ship their heavily-fruited sours throughout the state.

Tired Hands Brewing (4.1) is one of the OG hype breweries. In the early days, hundreds would lineup outside their Ardmore brewery for their revolutionary Milkshake IPAs. The lines have since dissipated due to COVID restrictions and online ordering. However, their new DDH beers are bringing back (socially distanced) “line life.” DDH Alien Church variants are reeling in their highest ratings ever on Untappd. They all have an average 4.5 out of 5 rating. When released, they are available for shipping to PA, DC, and VA through Dudley Direct. Make sure you follow their social media because these highly sought after variants sell out insanely quick.


If you’re spending too much money on 4-packs, we’ve got great news for you! Triple Crossing (4.12) is one of the most affordable breweries on this list. One 4-pack of IPA runs around $14, and the last DIPA they had was only $17.50. Their online store ships to DC, PA, and VA.

The Veil Brewing (4.18) just started shipping to Pennsylvania. They’re one of Richmond, Virginia’s most popular hype breweries. The Veil produces some of the best hazy IPAs in RVA, but there are some restrictions. Customers may only order one 4-pack of each brand and a total of three 4-packs per order.

Photo courtesy of The Veil Brewing

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