Inner Groove’s Latest Release Celebrates an Iconic Duo

Inner Groove’s Latest Release Celebrates an Iconic Duo

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Photos courtesy of Inner Groove Brewing

    This weekend has brought a release that seriously is one of the most iconic duos of all time. You know this flavor well, it accompanied many a lunch back in the day, and now is maybe a late night snack after a few too many beers. Know what I’m talking about?

    Peanut Butter and Jelly are one of the best flavor combinations in the history of eating (can I say that?). Simple, easy, and universal, you get the combination of that classic sandwich from your school days. Yummmm.

    Inner Groove is a Pittsburgh brewery that demands attention. They’re been in the game a little more than a year, yet have released some amazing beers and continue to creatively kill it. This week’s release is no different! Happy Twogether Peanut Butter Porter and the Happy Twogether Grape Jelly Porter are an utterly excellent duo! 

    This is a dual release of a porter that was mixed into two different batches. Expect the Peanut Butter one to be sweet, yet toasty at 7.5%. For the Jelly batch, it’s a 7.5% beer with grape notes and a dark, sweeter finish. Ideally, these brews are meant to be drank together, which creates a fabulous concoction of all things PB and J.

    The best part? I’m excited about how they’re selling it. The four packs are mixed! You get two of each of these beauties to share and enjoy. Both of the beers are currently on tap at Inner Groove as well, which is offering pints onsite with the purchase of a meal. 

There’s lots more available at the brewery as well. Party Lights (5.3%) is a dessert sour conditioned on cherries, plums,tangerines, and lots of other fruits. Think of it as the good kind of fruitcake! They’ve still got Crooked Hoss (6.8%) as well, a sugarplum milk stout that’s loaded with a good helping of plum purée. Swing by Inner Groove this week and enjoy this epic combination! 

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