Jackalope Brewing: a Female Owned Brewery with a Commitment to Sustainability

Jackalope Brewing: a Female Owned Brewery with a Commitment to Sustainability

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Bailey Spaulding, founder and CEO of Jackalope Brewing Co. (Nashville, TN,) began the company in 2009 with friend and business partner, Robyn Varball, who has since departed the brewery to pursue other ventures.

Bailey and Steve Wright, who was first a fan of the brewery that became a partner and COO, grew their business with being the first brewery in Nashville to can their craft, starting with one of their beloved core beers, Thunder Ann Pale.

After nearly a decade into their venture, they outgrew their first location (The Den) and launched The Ranch, a larger space to support their growth in production with a bigger tap room.

While doing some research, I was quite impressed with their commitment to sustainability. Unless you’ve worked in a brewery yourself, you couldn’t begin to imagine just how much waste a brewing facility can produce.

Here’s a couple of initiatives that really impressed me. This is taken directly from their site (you can read all about them, here!):

C02 Recapture:

“In 2019, Jackalope became the first brewery in Tennessee to use CiCiTM, a C02 recapture system developed by Earthly Labs that captures carbon-dioxide from the brewing process to be used later in the canning and kegging processes. This means some of the C02 in Jackalope beer is made by a trusty source – our beer!

As yeast breaks down sugars to create alcohol, C02 is created, a byproduct of fermentation. Instead of releasing this C02 into the atmosphere, Jackalope uses CiCi to recapture, purify, and store the C02 to be used later in the canning and kegging processes. As we continue to align all Jackalope fermenters with CiCi, this will prevent over 100,000 lbs. of C02 from entering the atmosphere each year.”


“The quickest way to eliminate waste is to avoid it in the first place! In 2018, Jackalope installed a grain silo at The Ranch brewing facility that saves 5,000 two-row barley bags from entering the waste stream each year. What about those grain bags for our specialty beers brewed at The Den? We reuse them as waste bags for Pick-Up for a Pint, a litter clean-up with Turnip Green Creative Reuse and Metro Public Works around Wedgewood-Houston Neighborhood on the first Sunday of every month.”

In addition to giving back to our beloved planet, this female owned brewery has pledged to donate 20% of sales from a featured brew of the month in their taproom to a non-profit organization and we love to see it!

To learn more about this impressive brewery, visit their website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Featured image courtesy and property of Jackalope Brewing Co.

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