Imprint Online Pre-Sales
Imprint Online Pre-Sales
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Online Pre-Sales Take A Week Off At Imprint

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Imprint Beer Company is one of the hottest hype breweries in the Philadelphia area. They pioneered the “heavily fruited sour,” a style that wasn’t popular up until the last few years. They changed the game with their Schmoojees. It’s not just a fruited sour, it’s a smoothie. Imprint’s online pre-sales sell out in a matter of minutes due to the high demand, so you don’t want to miss these thick juice bombs.

Their next can release is 1/22 with online pre-sales beginning Friday, 1/21 at 7 PM. They will have a collaboration that weekend. Their last collaboration, a Double IPA brewed with Hidden River, was a hit at both breweries. That beer, a Double IPA called Ekstasis, was hopped with Citra, Zappa & Calypso and received high ratings on Untappd. So the next collab will be a hot item whether it be another IPA or a Schmoojee.

If you’re still craving Imprint Beer, they have plenty of delicious beers available for walk-in purchases. Imprint also has a Cranberry Pineapple Hard Seltzer available from their Shade line. They ship beer within the state of Pennsylvania as well. Merch and housemade coffee are available for shipping to the rest of the country.

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