4 Noses, 3 Releases

4 Noses, 3 Releases

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Photo Cred: 4 Noses Brewing Company

4 Noses Brewing is back with a vengeance in 2021. The Broomfield, CO-based brewery hit the ground running at the start of the new year with a triple release. Known for experimental and potently-flavored beers, this triple release is no exception. All are set for a Friday, January 8th release at the 4 Noses Taproom and the Wild Provisions Taproom in Boulder, CO.

The first beer in the release, in order of announcement, is the Sticks & Stones Sour Brown Ale brewed with peaches and cinnamon. The beer weighs in at an easygoing 4.8% ABV, and is available in 4-packs for $14 a pop. The brewery website notes that it is the brewery’s first-ever sour brown ale. The announcement post states, “Sticks & Stones is a fruit-forward, balanced with cinnamon sticks, and finishing off tart! This beer will have you battling your housemate for the last can! As the saying goes, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but beer will never hurt me!” I have numerous cataloged hangovers that would beg to differ, but it’s a sweet sentiment.

The next beer in the triple release is simply called Nelson, and I’ll bet you hop heads can guess why. This NEIPA is brewed with the ever-flavorful Nelson Sauvin hops, and Nelson is also the name of the wooly mascot emblazoned on the can. This is a nod to the fact there are 9 sheep for every person in New Zealand, which is also where Nelson Sauvin hops are grown. The post says, “…this New England IPA delivers a super soft and fluffy mouthfeel. Nelson hops bring notes of white grape to this hop focused IPA, with almost 5 lbs per barrel of Nelson hops added to this brew!” With a 7.5% ABV to boot, this beer is sure to please.

The final beer in the triple release is sure to be another winner, and another NEIPA called Citra Citrus. Slightly lower in ABV than its sibling, this 6.9% IPA is packed with hoppy citrus flavor. According to the brewery, “Citra Citrus is both juicy and fluffy and is the perfect IPA to bring the springtime sun into your living room on these dark winter evenings, and bring you outside sipping when the sun is out to play.” With a stroke of wisdom, they add that this beer is a perfect champagne alternative for your Sunday mimosa. 

A mightily-packed release indeed. If you’re a member of the FueledFam in Colorado, get on up to Broomfield and grab some. For those outside the squarest state in the union, hold on tight and keep your eyes open in the future.

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