Pineapple Shape of Haze poured into a beer glass
Pineapple Shape of Haze poured into a beer glass
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Pineapple Shape Of Haze Returns At Neshaminy Creek

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Neshaminy Creek Brewing is releasing their popular Pineapple Shape Of Haze Double IPA this Friday, January 8th. The Shape of Haze beers are a hazy spinoff of Neshaminy Creek’s house Shape of Hops Double IPA. They’ve brewed it with various fruits including mangoes and blueberries, but pineapple is by far their most popular flavor. Pineapple complements the hop aromas in a way other fruits cannot.

They brewed Pineapple Shape of Haze with white wheat, flaked oats, and flaked wheat. These malts provide a fluffy body that paves the way for an intense hop aroma. Neshaminy Creek started with Simcoe, Ekuanot, and Mosaic hops in the kettle. Then, they dry-hopped it with glorious amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops and conditioned it on ripe Pineapple. The pineapple and American hops give this beer tropical citrus aromas sure to please any palate.

Neshaminy Creek is selling this beer for $20 per 4-pack and $93 per case, so you’ll get a $27 discount if you buy a case. There are no limits on this beer as well. Finally, it is available for onsite consumption in both Croydon and New Hope as well as for takeout and curbside pickup. They offer local delivery through biermi with a minimum order of $25.

Photo courtesy of Neshaminy Creek Brewing

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