My favorite beer distributor of 2020: Creekside Beer

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Photo credit: Creekside Beer (via Facebook)

Continuing on with my “Favorites” series, today, I want to tell you about my favorite beer distributor of 2020.

First, let me start off by saying that before I learned about Sewickley, PA-based Creekside Beer, I spent very little money at beer distributors. I actually have probably spent around $100 total at beer distributors in the five or so years before I met the folks at Creekside.

While I spend, or I guess I should say ‘spent’, very little money at distributors, I find myself spending $100s of dollars each month at local breweries.

I’m the type of person who prefers my beer straight from the source and I like it as fresh as possible. Up until I met the folks at Creekside, I always felt like beer distributors were full of a bunch of “national” craft beer brands that I had zero interest in drinking.

I mean, I love Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Brewing, but let’s be honest… we’ve been drinking them forever. These days, I prefer hyper-local craft beer and, to me, the smaller the brewery, the better.

If you think I’m the only person who thinks this way, then you’ve obviously have never been a part of our Facebook group. In the FBH Community, hyper-local craft beer far outweighs national craft beer brands.

To me, there’s a trend in craft beer that’s shifting consumer tastes from large craft brands to smaller breweries, and most big beer distributors are missing this shift.

Creekside isn’t missing the shift; they’re actually pioneering it.

Creekside Beer has curated a lineup of local beers that’s tailor-made for today’s craft beer nerd. From brands local brands like Dancing Gnome, Brew Gentlemen, and Eleventh Hour to out-of-state brands like Hoof Hearted and Abomination, Creekside Beer offers the largest selection of in-demand craft beer in the Pittsburgh area.

The local beer cooler at Creekside Beer. Photo credit: Tyler Azar

If you’re like me, meaning you spend way too much time and money tracking down good craft beer, Creekside Beer will certainly become your new favorite beer shop.

Some of the local offerings at Creekside Beer. Photo credit: Tyler Azar

The secret to Creekside’s success lies in an enthusiastic, young craft beer fan named Tyler who heads up their local beer department. Tyler spends most of his days building relationships with local breweries, ordering local stock, and spreading the word of his company’s inventory via their social media accounts (most of the time in third-person).

Most importantly though, Tyler spends his time engrained in our local craft beer scene. You can catch Tyler in our Facebook group, hanging out at local beer scenes, and even hopping on local beer podcasts.

Listen to Tyler on The Fueled By Hops Podcast.

As a result, Creekside Beer will always be at the forefront of the new craft beer scene because Tyler IS a new craft beer fan and he’s simply building the selection of beer he’d want to drink.

The ‘overflow’ local beer stock located in the walk-in cooler at Creekside Beer. Photo credit: Tyler Azar

Now, don’t read this article and assume that Creekside Beer is nothing but LOCAL craft beer. The distributor offers a very wide range of local and national beer brands, and all of your usual suspects are covered. They even carry a line of those newly-popular adult slushies.

Bottom line is this: Creekside Beer has all the beer you want to drink in one convenient location and you really should stop in there if you haven’t already.

If you’re lucky enough to catch Tyler working when you stop in, make sure you talk to him in third-person…

Cheers, yinz!

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