Superior Bathhouse Brewery: First and Only Brewery to Exist in a National Park is Female Owned

Karen E. Segrave | KES Photo

Superior Bathhouse Brewery: First and Only Brewery to Exist in a National Park is Female Owned

Karen E. Segrave | KES Photo
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Superior Bathhouse Brewery, located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, operates out of one of eight bathhouse buildings that were constructed between 1892 and 1923.

The building that houses the brewery was built in 1916 and was the smallest of the eight bathhouses built. At one time, the bathhouse offered affordable hydrotherapy and massages to it’s guests.

First Superior Bathhouse Kenna Collection, Hot Springs National Park Archives.
Image obtained from the National Park Service.

The bathhouse sat vacant for 30 years before Rose Schweikart, founder of Superior Bathhouse Brewery, moved to Hot Springs, in hopes of being the first brewery IN THE WORLD to utilize thermal hot spring water. And don’t you know, she freakin’ did it.

After two years of negotiations with the federal government to lease the space, construction began in 2013.

The brewery offers a wide range of beer styles sure to satisfy any beer drinker.

The beer I would order first, without a doubt, is The Beez Kneez, an ultra fizzy and herbaceous German-style Kolsch. Brewed with local basil and honey, this beer looks and sounds incredibly refreshing and right up my alley.

The beer that I’d order next is their Space Force blood orange, hazy New England IPA. Clocking in at a solid 7.8% abv, hopped with Galaxy and Comet hops (ah, Space Force! I get it!) it’s sure to “grab you by the taste buds.” (Superior Bathhouse, Untappd).

The Tap Hall @ Superior Bathhouse Brewery.
Image courtesy and property of Superior Bathhouse Brewery

In addition to their lovely taproom, Superior Bathhouse Brewery has two event spaces to cater to any event, great or small! The Corner Office is ideal for small gatherings of 15 people or less, while The Tap Hall can hold up to 100! The photos just ooze elegance and seem like a lovely space to host a party or reception of any kind!

Next time you’re in Arkansas, check out Hot Springs National Park and take a stroll on the Grand Promenade, where you can admire the gorgeous, old architecture of Bathhouse Row and visit a female owned brewery unlike any other!

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Featured image courtesy and property of Superior Bathhouse Brewery.

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