$1,310 Raised!
$1,310 Raised!
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We raised $1,310 for Service Industry workers impacted by COVID-19 dining restrictions!

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If there’s one thing I love, it’s giving back to people in need. Last night, we were able to help out some of our service industry friends who have been impacted financially by the recent restrictions placed on indoor dining in Pennsylvania.

To help raise funds for these workers, we started the Fuel The Service Industry campaign, a raffle campaign where individuals could donate money for a chance to win one of the beer “lots” donated by some of our friends from different parts of the industry.

All of the proceeds of the raffle were given directly to service industry workers who signed up for our virtual tip jar!

When we started the campaign, I didn’t really know what to expect. However, the response was overwhelming!

We were able to pull together so many beer lots that we ended up turning graciously turning away donors after we put together 16 lots. We had bottles, cans, crowlers, shirts, glasses, etc all donated from wonderful people from all over the industry.

You can check out the full list of lots by clicking here.

We set our goal at raising $1,000 and we wanted to raise funds for no more than 5 workers to ensure that we were giving back a decent sum of cash. We felt that $200 was a good “minimum” amount to give, so we capped that donor list at 5 donors.

To raise funds, we sold ‘chances’ for $5 per chance via a GoFundMe campaign. For every $5 someone donated we gave them one chance at winning. For every $25 donated, we’d give them an extra chance (i.e. 6 chances).

This worked out great as it encouraged folks to donate in blocks of $25!

Yesterday morning, we were a few hundred dollars away from our goal so I reached out to our Facebook group for help. To my surprise, the group came together and not only helped us meet our goal, but actually exceed it by over 30%!

All together, we were able to bring in $1,310 towards the cause. After GoFundMe’s fees were taken out, were left with $1,257.75, meaning we were able to Venmo $251.55 to each of the 5 beneficiaries!

A screenshot of us Venmo’ing the proceeds to the beneficiaries!

This weekend, we’re planning to run around and round up the beer and make arrangements to get it off to the lucky winners! There were some pretty awesome lots in the and I can’t wait to get it in the hands of everyone!

So let me use this time to just thank everyone who donated and participated! We REALLY hope we don’t have to do this again, but, if we have to, we hope to make it even bigger than this campaign!

Have a Happy #WaxWednesday!

Cheers, yinz!

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