My favorite brewery to grab food at in 2020: Lincoln Avenue Brewery

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I’ve been sold on Lincoln Avenue Brewery‘s food since the first time I tried their famous Pickle Dip.

Located on Lincoln Ave in Bellevue, PA, the brewery has been pumping out not just some of the best brewery food in Pittsburgh, but some of the best overall meals I ate this year period.

Owners Grant Saylor and his wife Lisa really have something special in their quaint brewery. It’s a place that not only makes delicious food, but also converts you in to a regular immediately after your first visit.

A look at the inside of the brewery and taproom. Photo courtesy of Lincoln Avenue Brewing.

Take me for example… the first time I stepped in to Lincoln Avenue Brewery, I sat next to a gentlemen, who happened to be a local and good friend of Grant’s, who told me all about his time growing up in Bellevue.

On my second visit to the brewery, (which was prior to COVID, FYI), I was greeted at the door by a big hug from Lisa, thanking me for coming in that day.

On my way out, she offered me an order of Pickle Dip to take for my wife. The only person who welcomes me with a hug and sends me off with food is my mother… but that’s the kind of warm, family-like atmosphere that Lincoln Avenue Brewery has built since opening in July 2019.

I haven’t made my way fully around their menu, but everything I have tried has been nothing short of an amazing.

On my first trip to the brewery, I had the Turkey Pesto Panini, a wonderful combination of thick cut turkey and pesto that sent me through the roof on the first bite. It was delicious, but way too big to finish, so it became post-Saturday beer food.

On my second trip, I opted for one of my wife’s favorite sandwiches, the Rueben and the Old World Pretzels (which are big enough to feed at least 3). Let’s start with the Reuben…

On first glance, the Rueben looks like any old Rueben, but this one was piled high with corned beef (cook in-house) and swiss on marbled rye topped with homemade sauerkraut and Russian dressing.

The Reuben Sandwich at Lincoln Avenue Brewing. Photo courtesy of Lincoln Avenue Brewing.

Why is the Reuben so special? Well, it’s because… I don’t like Corned Beef, Rye Bread, OR Sauerkraut… but I still devoured this sandwich. I’m not kidding, Lincoln Avenue is the only place in America that’ll get me to eat sauerkraut (it’s that delicious!)

But the real winner… and my personal favorite food item from them… is the Pickle Dip. Grant and Lisa keep the recipe for the dip under pretty close guard, but we do know it’s cream cheese and pickles and a few other “top secret ingredients”, as Grant told me.

The Pickle Dip at Lincoln Avenue Brewing. Photo courtesy of Lincoln Avenue Brewery.

I almost regret making this my favorite brewery for food this year because I don’t want the secret to get out. But the truth is… they deserve it.

I’ve only shared with you a tiny portion of the food items they offer. While their menu isn’t large, like other breweries, I’d describe it as “quality over quantity”. Everything they do, they do well. Very, very, very well.

Oh, and they even do Sunday Brunch, which I hear is huge hit in Bellevue. In fact, I hear that prior to the pandemic, you needed reservations just to get a table on Sunday mornings!

So, if you find yourself in Bellevue, make sure you stop out and check these guys out. Grab a beer (their just as delicious as the food) and make your way around the menu.

Hopefully, I run in to you there.

Cheers, yinz!

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