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Some breweries need no introduction, even with 1700 miles between them, their distribution, and a distant fan base. In this particular case, I am referring to the tried and true Weldwerks Brewing Company, whose artful and mind-bendingly experimental beer have had a ripple effect through the craft beer community that can be felt by the FueledFam all the way out on the east coast.

This week, the brewery is bringing back a couple of its more unique and boisterous brews for the new year. This is a special double release, set for January 15, to put an end to an extra special year (special doesn’t always mean good, ya know). Or, more specifically, to put the “kibosh” on 2020. Either way, this double release will help to raise our spirits, wet our glasses and war our bellies.

First up, we see the return of Medianoche Reserve, a longstanding Imperial Stout, concocted from the bones of various other stouts and blended together to create a rich and deep flavor profile. The blend is “…aged in 8-9 year Bourbon barrels for 21 months, then aged with coconut toasted flakes, raw coconut chips, Ugandan vanilla beans, Belizean roasted cacao nibs from Culture Craft Chocolate, and Ghanan roasted cacao nibs and husks from Nuance Chocolate, each selected to compliment the natural flavors imparted by the barrels.” So yeah, this righteous brew is absolutely packed with rich flavors. Best served on a stomach that has not yet been filled with desserts.

The other beer slated to ring in the new year with Weldwerks is their Coffee Maple Achromatic. In typical Weldwerks fashion, this beer is also stuffed to the gills with flavor. The description paints a vivid picture of rich chocolate malt, “huge additions of maple syrup, and enough coffee to balance.” This beer has what the brewery describes as a chewy mouthfeel, and any one of us that has had an 11% dessert stout knows what this means. In order to achieve this dense chewiness, the Coffee Maple Achromatic is boiled for SIX WHOLE HOURS, with generous amounts of maple syrup added throughout. 

THis double release is a ticketed event, with tickets going on sale January 9th, and pickup beginning January 15th, continuing through February 7. Get some while the getting is good, or you might miss it! Cheers!

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