#TipAHundo: What it is, what it’s about, and why I’m doing it.

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I’m not sure if it’s the holiday season, or if it’s just me being mad at the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked on our lives, but… this past Saturday, I woke up feeling like I needed to do something to help service industry workers.

For you all that have been living under a rock, which hopefully isn’t a lot of you, Pennsylvania has currently restricted indoor dining at restaurants, bars and breweries. While there is some outdoor dining able to happen (typically via heated tents), I would venture to say the industry is still facing financial difficulties as a result of the reduced seating.

So, I woke up Saturday and prepared for my normal Saturday routine: run around the city picking up beer that I ordered online. This time however, as I was getting ready, I started thinking about the workers at these breweries I was about to make my way to.

I started thinking about these service industry folks who are always there for us. Each Saturday, we wake up and run around to breweries. If you’re reading this post, this is most likely how you spend your entire Saturday (at least that’s how I spend mine.)


These workers work tirelessly to serve us, and if you ask me, they aren’t paid enough for the work they do.

The great thing about craft beer is that it’s full of people who are passionate about the industry, both those who work in the industry and those, like me, who enjoy it. Some folks might show their passion in other ways (i.e. the ones always yelling in beer groups), but for the most part, we all bond over a common love of the industry and we all want to see craft beer thrive.

Right now, the workers that fuel this industry (see what I did there?) need our help. Now, more than ever, as they watch their incomes fall, they need our help to make to the other side of this crazy pandemic.

So, on Saturday, I came up with the idea of going to breweries, ordering beer like normal, and then tipping $100. I called this concept #TipAHundo (mainly because #Tip100Bucks sounded weird).

The first brewery I sent a tip to was so appreciative of the gesture, I thought they were going to start crying (and they have just a little bit) when I arrived.

The second brewery told me that the gesture meant the world to their employees and it helped dramatically.

To say I was floored was understatement. To know that I made a difference in these employee’s day, week, month, whatever, was super-rewarding to me.

So, I wanted to keep the movement going, so I hopped in to our Facebook group and asked others to also go out and #TipAHundo. To my surprise, some of them did!

To show my appreciation for them helping the industry, I’ll be sending them each a glass, free of charge (including shipping). AND I’LL LEAVE THAT OFFER ON THE TABLE FOR ANYONE ELSE WHO ALSO ‘Tips A Hundo’.

Want a free glass (literally any glass from our store shipped to you FOR FREE) then do the following:

  1. Order beer from your local brewery (the smaller, the better).
  2. Tip $100 to the staff (cash or card).
  3. Send me a picture of the receipt or proof of the tip to [email protected] (picture is fine, but make sure it’s a picture of you giving the cash to the employees!)
  4. Let me know what glass you want from our store.
  5. Include your shipping address in the e-mail.

That’s it!

I can’t stress enough that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. A gesture such as this could have a MUCH bigger impact on the recipient than you think.

Cheers, yinz!

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