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Spring Hill Brewing Starts Canning!

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Photo courtesy of Spring Hill Brewing

As we all settle in starting to gear up for Christmas week, I’ve got a wonderful announcement to start things off! When any brewery starts canning, it’s automatically worth reporting. Anything I can take home and enjoy at my leisure is always worth it! This time, we’ve  got a brand new Pittsburgh Brewery canning, so take note, my friends! 

Spring Hill Brewing, located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, is a brewery that specializes in session, farmhouse style ales, which is super unique to the ‘Burgh! Brewing on a nano scale, they offer small batches of each of these unique brews that are totally worth a pre-holiday stock up. They’ve been working hard and have finally announced that they will be offering cans to-go starting tomorrow, 12/21! Here’s what’s available:

Beer 1 – Winter Afternoon. This is a golden saison brewed simply. Created with pale and munich malts, this brew is hopped aggressively with Czech Saaz hops to finish things off.The results? A great holiday saison to enjoy as the winter season rolls in. 

Beer 2- Super Berry Loafer. This beer is an ancient smoked fruit sour loaded with flavor. Brewed with cherrywood smoked malt and conditioned on top of blueberries, cherries and sourdough malt breads, expect a fruit explosion. Have a friend that says they don’t like beer? This a great starter brew at 4.5%. I’ll take one, please! 

The great part of all of this? This is just the beginning of the canning for Spring Hill, my friends. They’re open this upcoming week from Monday-Wednesday to get their tasty brews to the masses. With canning going on every day, keep an eye on their online presence to be certain to grab those tasty brews just in time for the holidays! They should have an online store set up very soon.

Cheers to a new canning effort, Spring Hill! I can’t wait to see what comes next for you guys! 

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