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Soulcraft’s Hell(es) of a Release

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Out here in the vast expanses of the American west, you can find a brewery tucked away in all sorts of places. About 2 hours west of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado lies the bustling mountain town of Salida. A riverfront town, Salida is home to a handful of craft alcohol establishments (brewing and distilling alike), as well as plenty of other mom-and-pop, unique businesses all over. Salida is one of those largely untouched pockets of American culture that hasn’t yet been (fully) overrun by the large corporations building new locations everywhere.

Smack-dab in the middle of this fun mountain town is Soulcraft Brewing, a small brewing company doing hearty ales and lagers to fit any palette. As of last week, the small mountain brewery canned their Helles Lager for the first time, known to fans as the Moon-Itcher Helles. In an industry full of pastry stouts, milkshake IPAs, chili beers and more, sometimes (often times for me), it’s nice to kick back with an easy-drinking crusher. Nothing illustrates the crushability of this particular beer like a video on the company Instagram showing a member of the brew crew shotgunning a can in gritty and spectacular fashion, without hesitation. 

The beer has been on tap at the brewery for some time, but has only just been included in their canned lineup. With a 4.5% ABV, this beer is more than sessionable. In order to really drive the hype for their newest release, the brewery has set forth a challenge for their fans- show them #howyouhelles. The brew crew achieves this by shotgunning, and is challenging their fans to top them. The rules of the boozy competition are simple: post a video of how you helles and hashtag it with #howihelles, be creative, and tag Soulcraft in the post. The competition opens on December 18, 2020 and closes on the first day of the new year. What a beautiful way to flush 2020 down the toilet and replace it with some crispy boys. 

Soulcraft’s artful libations are currently only distributed through the great state of Colorado, but keep your eyes open in the future. In the meantime, feel free to shotgun your favorite crispy boy in honor of the brewery, and in honor of putting an end to the worst year of the 21st century. Cheers to Soulcraft!

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