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Breakside Breaks Out Cambridge Collab

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

‘Tis the season of sharing, and breweries across the United States are taking it to heart. While I feel as though all I have to write about is collaborations these days (what a bummer!), the very notion of year-end collaborations gives me the holiday-style warm and fuzzies. Breweries coming together, combining brains and resources to give us an extra-special brew, just for us, the ones who care. Happy holidays indeed.

Anyway, this week marked the release of a new coast-to-coast collab between Breakside Brewing of Portland, OR and Cambridge Brewing Co. of Cambridge, MA, one of the longest-standing craft breweries in the northeast (est. 1989!). Announced via Breakside’s Instagram (read the post! I’ll put quips here and there, but really a lot of cool info there), the beer is the brewery’s ninth out-of-state collaboration, and has been brewed in celebration of Breakside Brewing’s 10 years of existence. Cheers to a truly impressive milestone!

Alright, as I mentioned, you would likely be best served reading about the beer on the Instagram announcement post, as the flavors pumped into this beer are plentiful and complex. Here’s my best attempt at making the flavor description short and sweet: strong blonde bock base, which has been “…supplemented with agave nectar and Washington-grown gewurztraminer and riesling grape juice.” Off to a strong start. Now, let’s layer on the flavor. To really embolden the beer, the brewers “…blended in several casks of two-year-old barleywine that was aged in a mix of bourbon and brandy barrels.” I believe this would end our volatile journey, comfortably landing in the 7th circle of Hell (more like heaven, but it just doesn’t sound as good). The beer is inspired by Southern French dessert wines, and the result is a “high-octane” beer that’ll bring you on a roller coaster ride of flavor. Perfect for winter sipping with a bold 10% ABV.

Two longstanding craft breweries on either side of this nation came together to produce a truly one-of-a-kind beer. Available everywhere (as of last week) in bombers, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle while the grabbing is good. I can’t imagine these beers will last long. For more info on the breweries involved and the collab itself, view the Instagram announcement from Breakside, and happy drinking!

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