We’re raising money for service industry workers impacted by indoor dining restrictions.

We’re raising money for service industry workers impacted by indoor dining restrictions.

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So, unless you’re living under a rock, you know that recently, indoor dining was restricted in Pennsylvania until January 4th, 2021. This is a result of a recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

As a result of these restrictions, many individuals in the service industry will see a dramatic decrease in their incomes.

To help offset the financial loss to the service industry workers at this time, we are setting up Fuel The Service Industry, our campaign to give back to the individuals who ‘fuel’ us when we go out to eat, out for drinks, or to grab a tasty craft brew.

To raise funds, we are having a large raffle for a number of different beer lots donated by our friends from the industry and beyond. On December 29th, 2020, we will hold a live drawing via FB live to announce the winner of each lot.

Click here to see a list of lots available to win.

Here’s how Fuel The Service Industry works:

  1. If you work in the service industry, and are facing financial losses as a result of recent restrictions, please sign up for our virtual tip jar to become a beneficiary of this campaign. (Must have a Venmo).

    Fuel The Service Industry Virtual Tip Jar
  2. If you’re looking to support the cause, please donate to the GoFundMe we set up for the campaign. For every $5 you donate to this campaign, you will receive one entry. For every $25 you donate, you’ll receive an additional entry (i.e. 6 entries per $25 donated)

    Fueled The Service Industry GoFundMe
  3. Check out the list of lots available to win.

    List of Lots Available to Win
  4. On December 29th, at 6pm, tune in to our Facebook page to see the raffle done live!

    Link to our Facebook Page

100% of the proceeds of this campaign will go directly to service industry workers.

Once the drawing is over, and the funds are transferred to our bank account, we will Venmo, in equal shares, all service industry workers who signed up for our virtual tip jar. (Screenshots will be posted to help keep transparency during this process).

Some fine print stuff here:

  1. You must be 21+ to enter. This should go without saying.
  2. FBH will make every effort to help facilitate the transfer of lots from the donor to the winners as much as possible, however, ultimately, it’s the winner’s responsibility to make arrangements for pickup/delivery.
  3. During the raffle, when a number wins, it will be removed from the raffle. We encourage you to buy multiple entries to maximize your chance of winning.
  4. The funds from GoFundMe will go to Ryan’s bank account (personal account) and then be dispersed to service industry workers signed up for the FBH Virtual Tip Jar. We will screenshot the deposit made to Ryan for transparency. YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP ON OUR VIRTUAL TIP JAR TO GET MONEY!

Cheers, yinz!

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