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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

In the most uncertain of times, the craft beer movers and shakers of the United States continue on in their mission to push the envelope. This week, Backcountry Brewing pushed that envelope five times. To be a little more specific, these crazy crafters are doing a quintuple release over the course of the week, ending on Saturday, December 19.

The first beer in the release series is called Tis But a Scratch Vienna Lager, whose name should be an immediate recall for most. For those unfamiliar, find yourself a copy of Monty Python’s Holy Grail as soon as possible. The brewery Instagram says, This Vienna Lager has been cold conditioning in oak barrels for two months. Rich malty notes are rounded by subtle oak.” At 5.5% ABV, this beer is a boisterous crusher.

The next beer in the series also takes its name from the holy grail of British Comedies (and the same scene, to be specific): Just a Flesh Wound Altbier. This beer is also cold conditioned in oak barrels, with “Deep dark rich malt notes,” according to the announcement post. The ABV of this beer is identical to the last, at 5.5%.

Beers three and four in the series are a dual-release, as they are two fruited versions of the same kettle sour. Well, La Di Frickin’ Da Sour Ale is being released in Kiwi and Strawberry variants. Although this beer takes its name from a different comedy sketch, it still hails from one of the best known comedy juggernauts of the 20th century- Saturday Night Live. More specifically, the name comes from Matt Foley, the not-so-inspirational motivational speaker, played by Chris Farley. Again, the ABV of this dual-release is 5.5%.

Finally, ending the release week on Saturday, the 19th is Not a Speck of Light is Showing Chocolate Imperial Stout. This quote comes from Willy Wonka’s wonky tunnel scene. This beer nearly doubles the ABV standard set by the previous four releases in the series, throwing its weight around at 10% ABV.

It’s highly likely that none of us in the FueledFam have ever had Backcountry beer, as they are a Canadian brewery out of British Columbia. Head on over to their website to learn more about their familiar origins, and pack up your stuff and move to BC to enjoy their beer. Cheers!

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