Alibi Ale Works Celebrates 6 Years

Alibi Ale Works Celebrates 6 Years

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Six years. Sixty percent of a decade. Six percent of a century. You get the idea. However you frame it, six years is a long time for a craft brewery. This week marks the sixth anniversary of Alibi Ale Works of Nevada. The prolific and unique brewing company continues to make special beers to this day, and is doing a couple of fun things to celebrate the occasion.

The brewery Instagram took the announcement post as an opportunity to first thank the loyal customers and craft beer drinkers that support them, especially in such turbulent times as 2020. The first paragraph of the post ends with “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” Thank you too, y’all.

Anyway, as the post specifically states, “To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we’ve got some sexy Rastal 6th Anniversary glasses, a very tasty 6th Anniversary Triple IPA (in cans for the first time!), and we just introduced handsome new 32oz Crowlers for to-go beer at all of our pubs!” So basically, to celebrate, they’re making it as convenient as possible for those within distribution range to gorge on these awesome brews in solidarity with this milestone.

The aforementioned anniversary beer packs a wallop at 10% ABV. The brewery produces a celebratory triple IPA every year to celebrate their inauguration, with a different recipe every time. This year marks the first year that the beer has jumped from taplines to cans in order to better reach the tongues and bellies of Alibi fans. With a combo Pilsner and Pale malt base, this beer packs a righteously hoppy punch by utilizing Citra, Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops. Quadruple C hops on deck. The brewery tasting notes paint a beautiful picture of citrus, stonefruit and honey.

Congrats to Alibi! 2020 has been a troubling year for all, to say the least. There are glimmers of hope and light to cut through from time to time, and brewery anniversaries fit nicely into that category. Cheers!

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