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25PA’s From Fremont Brewing

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

How about that flawless play on words in the title, huh?! Just do me a favor, make sure your eyes don’t hit the floor after they roll out of your head. The dust is just impossible to clean.

ANYWAY, this week marks a super-special milestone for Fremont Brewing that most breweries have likely never achieved: these ale wizards have produced TWENTY FIVE beers in a single series. Yeah, you read that right. I wrote it in all caps so you wouldn’t have to double take. 

Fremont Brewing of “Seattle, Earth” has just announced the release of their 25th IPA in their ongoing Head Full of Dynomite Hazy IPA Series. Twenty five varieties of beer for a single brewery is a solid feat, but to somehow cram 25 varieties of the same style in a single series is damn-near unheard of, so good work team.

Head Full of Dynomite #25 tapped on Saturday, December 12th at the brewery’s Urban Beer Garden in Seattle. According to the announcement post on the brewery’s Instagram, “This edition of our ongoing hazy IPA series bursts with tropical fruit flavors like mango, pineapple and guava, created by a hand selected combination of Citra, El Dorado, and Nelson Sauvin hops.” The beer has a middle-range ABV for the hazy style, coming in at a considerable 6.8%. The IBU count is where it gets really interesting, as they use a little-known abbreviation to denote the hop flavor rating: ACT, which stands for A Crap Ton. Hopheads rejoice.

The beer is currently only available on draft or in cans for pickup at the brewery location. According to the website, a new iteration of the beer series is released roughly every six weeks, so if you’re in range, check back soon for the next round. Cheers to a wonderful achievement!

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