TIPA Thursday
TIPA Thursday
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It’s #TIPAThursday. What’s in your glass?

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I really don’t know where the concept for #TIPAThursday began in the Fueled By Hops Facebook Group, however, I think the roots can be traced back to Shannon, one of our long-time and active members.

When I started seeing members post about drinking Triple IPAs on Thursdays, I thought to myself, “I’d probably be dead tomorrow if I tried that”… well, I was actually kind of wrong.

A few weeks back, as the movement started picking up steam, I dove in and drank a Tattered Flag Triple IPA (the name escapes me) and it was actually a lot of fun closing the week up with a nice big IPA.

Sure, Triples can be kind of boozy and maybe not as crushable as the smaller DIPAs and such, but, it’s fun participating in these cool “themed” days with our followers.

This is really the power of the community we’ve built here and truly what I enjoy most about being at the helm of it. Not only do I get to enjoy my craft beer hobby, but I get to do it with so many awesome people.

If you’re bored tonight and want to participate the rules seem kind of simple: grab a Triple IPA (preferably one brewed locally to you) and head over to our Facebook group. Make sure you use the hashtag #TIPAThursday so we can find your posts.

Jump in the conversation and *sort of* close out your work week with all of us.

I’ll likely be joining in the fun a little later, however, today is my wife’s birthday AND we have a pretty big podcast recording this evening (hint: it’s Abomination Brewing.) Can’t wait to share this episode with you!

Cheers, yinz!

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