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Pittsburgh Brewers’ Guild Presents a Seasonal Beer Tasting 12/3!

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Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Brewers’ Guild

With things getting COVID-crazy once again, and many of us returning to homebound drinking, many places are pivoting to provide amazing socially-distanced and safe content for us all to enjoy during these times. The Pittsburgh Brewers’ Guild is featuring several happy hours in the month of December! 

For the first event, they’ve decided to make this beer tasting seasonal. On Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm, join them for this awesome online tasting with three amazing brews (it’s your job to grab them prior to the event to fully participate). Here’s your list! 

Beer one: Monongalator, Brew Gentlemen.  An 8% doppelbock, this brew is going to taste like the holiday season. I love a dopplebock this time of year.  Rich and malty in taste, expect some subtle roasted notes in this brew as well. With hints of caramel and a little bit of hoppiness on the back end, expect a delicious winter brew. As a reminder, this brew is only available at Brew Gentlemen currently – download the Onzr app to secure this delicious beer! 

Beer two: Millennium Tripel, Church Brew Works. When the words Belgian and Tripel combine, you can expect something big! This 9.5% brew is perfect for the winter season. Expect lots of fruity, boozy, funkiness with this beer! You will also find a pleasant bready smell, with a touch of cloves and coriander. A smooth, drinkable beer, this one is a must have! 

Beer three: Christmas Cur, Leaning Cask Brewing. This is one of the first Christmas brews that I’ve seen hit the ‘Burgh market recently. I’ll be honest, I want to try this one! A 9.5% Winter Ale, this beer is amber in color, includes lovely mulled spices, and is hopped to perfection. Expect orange peel, juniper and evergreen notes. How festive! 

Grabbed your brews? Now it’s time to sign up! Register now on the Guild’s website to ensure your virtual seat for this event! Stay tuned for more events this month from the Brewers’ Guild – there’s a Brewer’s choice event coming on December 7th and a Sours event on the 17th! Sign up for any of these great events to further your knowledge and enjoy some brews from great places in Pittsburgh! 

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