‘Health and Hoppiness,’ an Online Fitness Accountability Group with a Love for Craft Beer

‘Health and Hoppiness,’ an Online Fitness Accountability Group with a Love for Craft Beer

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It all started back in 2013 when Amanda Steele was planning her wedding (and a hop-themed wedding at that!) If that wasn’t enough, she was also signed up to run her first 10k. Being so busy, and of course, a craft beer enthusiast, she found that she was inconsistently training on her own.

She discovered an online accountability group who held her to her word of getting into shape for this race and for her wedding! She fell in love with the community and the support she was getting. So much so, that once the wedding and race were over, she decided to keep the new lifestyle! From there, Amanda launched Health and Hoppiness, her very own accountability group that supports craft beer lovers and foodies to manage their health, without sacrificing the things they enjoy the most!

“It’s not an ‘all or nothing’ type of group” says Amanda.”Our group is about health and happiness … no feelings of punishment! It’s progress over perfection in our group!”

Amanda does her best to influence others by her own example. She shares with her group the things that work for her, and is transparent about her struggles, because everyone faces one at some point when making a lifestyle change. She offers suggestions to members on balancing their diet. “If someone wants to have a beer with dinner, go ahead! Just take out the carb portion of the meal and enjoy your beer!”

Amanda supports craft beer lovers to keep up with what interests them. She hosted a can share back in August where members of the group were paired up and everyone got to do an exchange of beers and Zoom chat about what they thought! The can share was such a success, that they had another one around Halloween, which was a beer and candy pairing.

“I really just like to create a community of people, whether or not they are into beer or into fitness or into both or need my help … I actually meet a lot of people who have their own fitness and health routine going and that’s okay! We can cheer each other on without them ever being part of what I do!”

Amanda is there to connect every day people to fitness trainers and to be the cheerleader everyone needs in their corner when they are doing their best to live a healthier lifestyle.

“Anybody can do this! If this is important to you, you can fit this in!” Amanda’s words of advice, “Be nice to yourself!”

Outside of Health and Hoppiness, Amanda has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and works for Head Start full-time. Health and Hoppiness is a side project she does for fun, her own accountability and extra income! She’s a total hop head and credits Bell’s Hopslam for kickstarting her love for IPA’s. She lives in Allentown, PA with her husband and two cats, Barley and Bombay.

If you are interested in learning more about her group, or just want to see some happy, inspirational content, connect with Amanda on Instagram, @acsteele.

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  1. Ashley

    Love Amanda! She’s so helpful and knowledgable! She has inspired me over and over again to live a healthy balanced life!

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