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Abjuration Brewing Celebrates Three Years!

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Photos Courtesy of Abjuration Brewing

This weekend is bringing us many celebrations throughout the Pittsburgh Beer World. From Couch’s Black Aht weekend (hello, stouts) to Inner Groove’s Pale-ale-a-palooza packs being released, there’s awesome amazing beer out there this weekend!

 One of my all-time favorite places to go, Abjuration Brewing, is celebrating three years this weekend and bringing with it four amazing releases! The beers are on sale online as of Friday night at 8pm, so see what you can still grab. Here’s the releases I’m geeking out over: 

Smoothie Style Sour 1.4: 7.1%. This one looks absolutely beyond! Brewed with wheat and milk sugar, this brew is sweet and cleanly sour. Conditioned with grape puree, peanut butter, fresh peanuts and vanilla beans. This is a rich, smoothie like sour that is peanut butter and jelly flavored! WHAT?  I cannot wait to pick up my order of these. 

Double Vanilla Cookie Milkshake Ale 1.1: 8.6%. This brew has a cult following on all of the internet beer groups I’m in. Brewed with 2-row, wheat, oats, cookie malt, maltodextrin and milk sugar, this beer is sweet with a full body. Conditioned with a TON of madagascar vanilla beans and vanilla cookies, this is a tasty one! Not subtle at all, expect vanilla with a lingering cookie sweetness. 

Candied Sour 1.4: 5.6%. This series will seriously make you a believer in sour beers if you are not. With a nice wheaty base, expect a clean acidity to make the candy flavor shine through. After it was fermented, this brew was conditioned on melted  red, orange and yellow candies. Expect a brew that tastes like a rainbow with a lovely sour punch! 

Triple India Pale Ale 1.0: 10.9%. Ooooh, this is a big boy! Kettle hopped with sultana and galaxy hops, this brew is perfect for you hop-heavy fans out there. Whirlpooled with citra, strata and galaxy and then pulped with a dry hop of citra, strata and galaxy, this beer is beyond hop-saturated! However, don’t expect bitterness. Mango, citrus and danky goodness cement this brew as a must try! 

They’re pulling out all of the stops on the 28th as well. There are still reservations available for those who want to visit the taproom – check out their site for more details! Everything will be served cocktail style – so have a seat at your space and they’ll come to you. Don’t forget your mask! 

Lastly, Blue Sparrow is serving their amazing food tomorrow right at Abjuration! Whether you’re ordering in or picking up beer to go to celebrate, you have to place an order for this food. With amazing bibimap bowls, burritos, and cheesy kimchi rice that you NEED to try, this food will make your Saturday. Order early for a quick pickup! 

Check out Abjuration’s site for availability for these amazing brews or to make a reservation. I’m so excited that this amazing brewery has been in existence for three years. Tom and Dave, you guys are amazing and produce beer unlike any other place in the ‘Burgh! We are so excited to see what comes next! 

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