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Photo courtesy of Spoonwood Brewing

Black Friday, the day where everything switches over from fall-themed to the full-on Holiday goodness that many know and love throughout December and the beginning of January. Cue all of the sweets, treats and hope that this new year won’t be quite as much of a dumpster fire as 2020. 

I am someone who can’t drink Christmas beers until Thanksgiving is over. I’m a massive pumpkin beer fan, so I hold on to that and embrace my #basic tendencies. However, stout season, my favorite season is set to descend upon us now, and Spoonwood Brewing has the first beer that I need to try! 

Carol of the Shells, a 10% (yes, high ABV!), cinnamon and vanilla imperial stout was released just prior to Thanksgiving this week. For me, I think this is the perfect post-holiday weekend brew to start my Xmas season with! A smooth brew with cinnamon at the first taste, the vanilla appears afterward as a sweet treat. This one is a sneaky 10% that will go down easy as you celebrate the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend! 

The coolest part about this beer is that it also gives back. Portions of the proceeds of the beer will be donated to the Turtle Survival Alliance, an organization that is a global nonprofit conservation group working to save the world’s most endangered turtles and tortoises from extinction. What an awesome way to give back! 

 Spoonwood has also created a special Carol of the Shells Gift pack too! For just 35 dollars, you can snag a 4 pack of this brew, and a tshirt and 2 stickers with the cutest turtle logo ever (seriously, I’m in love with it). Sounds like an awesome gift for a beer and/or turtle lover in your life! 

Interested? Spoonwood is currently operating with lots of to-go options and limited in house seating during these unique times we are facing. Carol of the Shells is available in four packs, and there are also a TON of awesome sounding brews in cans or growlers to go! Make Spoonwood a stop on your holiday travels this weekend!