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Pale-Ale-A-Palooza is Coming at Inner Groove!

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Photo Courtesy of Inner Groove Brewing

Thanksgiving week brings a seasonal change for us all. With the holiday coming on Thursday, this week brings celebrations and time to breathe during a stressful year. Several breweries are having celebrations this upcoming weekend that are safe and socially distanced. Amazing!

Inner Groove Brewing is bringing Pale-Ale-A-Palooza to us all this upcoming Friday, November 27th.  This is a day-long tap take over of all things pale. There are three sessions for this day-long festival to enjoy! You can purchase tickets for 2-4pm, 5-7pm, or 8-10pm that day. Tickets are available in advance – you receive 2 brews of your choice and a beanie commemorating the event. I love some awesome brewery swag! 

More importantly, the beer list looks phenomenal! For the event, Inner Groove will be releasing Freaky Secrets, a New England IPA and Ephemeral Style, a strawberry milkshake New England IPA. I’ve had another version of Ephemeral Style and it was AMAZING (and the can art was EVERYTHING). Their collaboration with Butler Brew Works, Pawitdapaw – a hazy DIPA will also be hitting the taps for the first time. 

Several guest taps will be available that day as well! Expect guest taps from local breweries Four Points and Union Brothers. Inner Groove has also connected with some of the breweries outside the ‘Burgh that make amazing IPAs – stuff from New Trail Brewing and Evergrain Brewing will also be present. I’ve been to both of these breweries and they’re amazing – try these beers! 

With COVID still being rampant and a concern, Inner Groove has laid a protocol out to make sure we can enjoy this event while being safe. First off, bring your mask. When you arrive, the host will see you to your reserved table for your time there. Masks are required when you are not drinking or eating. Do not congregate throughout the taproom – stay seated in your assigned area to make sure you’re socially distanced! Be mindful of your time spot and when it ends to be certain the next person can enjoy their brews. Digital menus will be available and staff will be waiting on folks at their tables! 

Big thanks to Inner Groove for this awesome yearly event! I’m excited for the amazing brews and the amazing social distancing guidelines set up so we can celebrate safely. Cheers to Pale-ale-a-Palooza! 

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