Breweries To Follow: Outerbelt Brewing, Carroll, OH

Outerbelt Brewing, Carroll, OH.
Outerbelt Brewing, Carroll, OH. PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Galiotto

Breweries To Follow: Outerbelt Brewing, Carroll, OH

Outerbelt Brewing, Carroll, OH.
Outerbelt Brewing, Carroll, OH. PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Galiotto
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I got introduced to Outerbelt Brewing a few months back when a member of our Facebook group told me he had started brewing at their Carroll, OH location. Until that point, I had never had a single beer from them nor had I even ever heard of the brewery. (In my defense, they’re still pretty new on the scene.)

I’ve kept them on my radar since then, but only recently did I connect with Dan, one of the owners and also one of the brewers at Outerbelt. Dan learned about Cheers, Yinz! Fest and wanted to participate. In fact, he was one of the breweries to agree to brew the Cheers, Yinz! DIPA recipe that Bash Brew developed for the festival.

When Dan told me he was brewing that beer, I reached out to a few guys (including Bash Brew) and asked if they’d like to ride out and check the place out some time. Of course, they agreed.

So, on a cold Saturday morning, we piled in my car and headed out to Carroll, Ohio, just slightly southeast of Columbus. After a three-hour drive (all smooth highway driving, FYI), my GPS took me right to a massive building, with a massive parking lot, located behind an automobile dealership.

“I bet this used to be a Big Lots.” I told everyone in the car. I was wrong. It was actually a LOWE’S at one point.

A look at the outside of Outerbelt Brewing in Carroll, OH. PHOTO CREDIT: Outerbelt Brewing

When we walked in the building, I was completely taken back by how vast and large the space was inside. When I say vast, I seriously mean it. Social distancing wouldn’t possibly be a problem here.

Keep in mind that this space was once a Lowe’s store. However, Dan tells us that this was a smaller Lowe’s that was basically for contractors only.

Now, when we walked in, we were immediately welcomed to the tap room by Dan, and Julia, also part-owner and also the marketing director for the brewery. Dan and Julia were great hosts and even skipped handshakes and elected to instead welcome us to their brewery with a draft of our Cheers, Yinz! DIPA (a nice touch, I may add).

Dan and the crew continued to give us a tour around the massive 30 BBL brew house which is so large, they actually rent out about half of the space to another unrelated organization. (There’s even a basketball hoop!)

The brew house at Outerbelt Brewing. PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Galiotto
Bash Brew schooling Ryan in brewing knowledge. PHOTO CREDIT: Fueled By Hops

Did I mention how big this space is yet? If I didn’t, well, it’s massive.

Anyways, during our tour we found the sticker door and immediately made sure to let everyone know Fueled By Hops was here. (We do that best via a 3″ X 3″ logo sticker.) Outerbelt is now FUELED.

The sticker door at Outerbelt Brewing. PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Galiotto

After the grand tour, we sat down to work our way through the tap list. I was pleased to find a mix of IPAs, lagers, brown ales and even a hefeweizen.

I’m sure you can guess which beer I got that day?

The tap list at Outerbelt Brewing on 11/14. Photo credit: Ryan Galiotto
The Cheers, Yinz! DIPA from Outerbelt Brewing. PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Galiotto

Before we left we had to grab food. They did have some on-site food options from a small kitchen located inside the building, and also had a food truck option showing up later that day. We instead elected to order italian subs for delivery from a local pizza joint (I honestly can’t remember the name) that was recommended by the bar staff.

FYI.. the food was great. So, if you visit the brewery, ask for the name of the pizza place down the street.

So here’s the deal, Outerbelt Brewing is worth a trip to check out. The beer is solid, the atmosphere is great, and the people are wonderful.

Get out there and tell them we sent you. And if they still have that Cheers, Yinz! DIPA, grab a pint and let me know how it is. Seriously, shoot me an e-mail to [email protected] and let me know what you think.

Cheers, yinz!

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