Cellar Works Brewing Debuts In-House Menu with New Head Chef!


Photos courtesy of Cellar Works Brewing

With a new week beginning very shortly here, we’re all hopefully thinking ahead to the joy that the next week will bring. There’s some awesome beer goodness coming quite soon, and let me be the first to break the excellent news to you! 

Cellar Works Brewing is low key making some of the most tasty beers out there. I still think oh-so-fondly about the French Toast Dreamscape imperial stout as one of my top five brews I’ve had this year. This upcoming week, they’ve got an awesome announcement coming! 

Starting Wednesday, Cellar Works has a full kitchen menu firing up! The soft opening was this weekend, and the food looks straight up phenomenal. I’m talking killer pub sandwiches, pretzels, all of the great food that can elevate a killer brew to the absolute next level. With head chef Joe Strejcek taking the reins, tasty things are sure to come! He spent time at Sierra Nevada Brewing down in Asheville, North Carolina and has been working in Ford City as the executive chef at Lenape Heights. Under his leadership, you can expect incredible sandwiches and pizzas with a twist! 

There’s also plenty of beer that demands to be paired with this excellent food. The draft list has a ton of choices! One of the breweries’ most reliable beers is Fifty Foot Robot (4.9%). A citrusy, juicy and haze-filled brew, this robot is soft in mouthfeel and dangerously crushable. Cellar Works is also well known for their fruit whip series. The latest addition, Blackberry Buckle Bake Whip (6%)  is averaging a 4.41 on Untappd! A smoothie style sour brewed with cinnamon, brown sugar, lactose, vanilla and blackberries, this ale is simply ridiculous in the best way possible. Try it ASAP. 

There’s more to come as well! This week, Cellar Works will be unleashing their Thanksgiving Nut Brown Ale, Sweater Vest (5%) . A nutty and smooth brown ale, expect the perfect balance of sweet and bitter! Brown Ales are severely underrated in one girl’s opinion, and I’ll be swinging by to sample this beer soon! 

Congrats on the menu and chef, Cellar Works! Grant yourself a much needed midweek treat by heading over to Cellar Works this week! 


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