Cellador’s “Deadcrush” Sees Wider Release for 2020


If you and your friends ever have had the debate about whether to go with beer or wine for the evening, Cellador Brewing is helping to meet you all halfway with their 2020 release of their beer/wine hybrid, “Deadcrush”.

Cellador Ales (North Hills, California) is releasing its annual wine/beer hybrid to much fanfare. Unlike in previous years, this version will be available to the wider public and not just their members’ program. 

This year’s base beer was paired with Petite Syrah grapes, creating an effervescent, fruity, and tannic beer reminiscent of Lambrusco (which is a red bubbly from Northern Italy). Like any good wine or beer, it pairs fantastically with food. 

Adding another very elegant aspect to this beer, Deadcrush is available in multiple formats depending on how much space you have to cellar your beer: 375 mL, 750 mL, and magnums! In other words, you can try a little, a lot, or more than enough for you and your friends!


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