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Imprint Begins Shipping Beer Statewide

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As you might have realized, Imprint is one of our favorite breweries in Pennsylvania. They’re the highest-rated brewery in Pennsylvania on Untappd, and people all over the country go crazy over their Schmoojees. For example, people hire proxies to pick up the beer for them and then ship it. Well, now more people will be able to purchase Imprint’s beer instead of having mules mail it to them. They started shipping merch at the beginning of the pandemic. Much to the delight of their fans, beer is now included.

They haven’t been selling out in online pre-sales and have been overflowing with walk-in inventory. So this move opens Imprint up to what are potentially thousands of new customers. However, there are a few downsides to this. Beer must be ordered in increments of four 4-packs, and it doesn’t look like crowlers are available for shipping. Many other breweries require a minimum purchase of four 4-packs, but a few other breweries, such as Levante and Tired Hands, include crowlers and bottles in their shipping. Additionally, new releases won’t be included. They will make all leftover beer available Sundays after closing.

4-packs are available for purchase at this link. They can only ship beer to customers in Pennsylvania, but merch and their (nonalcoholic) cold brew are available for nationwide shipping. Don’t sleep on their house-brewed “Split Theory” cold brew. It’s delicious.


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