An Early “White” Stout Christmas Present from Abomination and Front Porch

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There a lot of descriptors used in the craft beer world. Even still, when I see “Imperial White Pastry Stout,” I immediately get intrigued. 

From our friends at Abomination Brewing Company (North Haven, Connecticut) and Front Porch Brewing (Wallingford, Connecticut), we are invited to try out their 10.1% ABV “Pistachio Puff Pastry” Stout. 

This beer is more than just a cool label (and I have to emphasize, it is an AWESOME label). It really has the whole Christmas cookie pantry in it: lactose, vanilla beans, cacao nibs, and marshmallows are used to condition the beer. Add in a generous helping of pistachios, and this beer almost becomes a hybrid of American and Turkish desserts. A malt bill with flaked wheat and oats gives the beer an even bigger mouthfeel (just like a stout should have), making sure you are completely engulfed in the decadent concoction in front of you. 

Unusual? Sure. A must-have? Definitely. Expand your horizons and try out this brew while it’s available. 

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