Station 26’s Ode to a Hobbit


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Man, there are few things I love more than Lord of the Rings. Beer is a solid contender for the first place spot, but I haven’t yet considered where a Lord of the Rings-themed beer might fit on the list. It may need its own list altogether.

With that said, Station 26 Brewing Company of Denver, CO, adds a new beer to their canned lineup this week- It Comes In Pints New Zealand Pale Ale. For those unfamiliar with the quote that the beer is named for, do yourself favor and go watch the Fellowship. Then the other two in immediate succession. The beer is a modest 5.7% ABV, and brewed with New Zealand hops (Peter Jackson’s homeland, where the trilogy was filmed, etc… there’s some other tie-ins for ya). The brewery describes it as crisp and clean, and will begin selling four-packs of the new brew for $13 apiece, starting Monday, November 9.

In the same Instagram post that It Comes In Pints was announced in, the brewery included the other canned beers that they have ready-to-go. Hazy Wrangler, a hazy IPA with Rocky Ford Melons is $16 a four-pack, Kolsch Encounters of the Watermelon Kind for $12 a four-pack, a Pastry Sour made with passionfruit, black currant, vanilla and lactose for $14 a four-pack, and finally a Mixed Berry White Stout for $16 a four-pack.

For those unfamiliar with Station 26, their recent move to canning within the last couple of years was well-received south of them, here in Colorado Springs, where people eagerly awaited the arrival of their coveted Tangerine Cream Ale (yes, it’s as delicious and refreshing as it sounds). Since then, the brewery can be found in cans across the state, with a subtle and timeless label, in a handful of varieties. Presently, their delectable libations are only available along the Front Range of Colorado.


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