Santa Goes Rogue


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Rogue Ales of Newport, Oregon are a household name in the craft beer industry. Surely any beer enthusiast worth their salt has had the notorious Dead Guy Ale, a bock beer that is 6.8% ABV and available on liquor store shelves everywhere, year-round. Well, the masterminds behind the prevalent ale-de-mort (get some culture) have announced this year’s holiday ale via the company Instagram.

Rogue Ale’s Santa’s Reserve series is released around the holiday season every year with a tip of the hat to the jolly old fat guy. “Every year, at Santa’s request, we brew a special beer of his choice.” You heard that right, folks. Santa IS real, and he collaborates with Rogue on a yearly basis. So here’s the proof for all you anti-Clausers out there.

This year, the specialty ingredient thrown into Santa’s Reserve is peppermint bark. Ol’ Nicky himself was quoted by the brewery as saying the vision for this beer “…came to him in the candy cane forest where he was busy harvesting peppermint bark”. Specifically, the base of the beer is a milk stout flavored with peppermint, and touting an ABV of 8.3%, enough to make the tip of your nose red! (Ok, no mores lame Santa jokes, I promise). 

According to an infographic on the company website, the flavor profile of this beer lies heavily on the sweet-chocolate-malty side, with a dash of roastiness and a handful of bitterness for balance. The beer is only being released in bomber bottles (750ml), but will have national availability. The brewery also has a beer finder on their website to help narrow down the hunt.

If you haven’t already heard of Rogue Ales, get on it! They were founded in 1988! Known for wild collaborations with unexpected guests (Santa, duh), the brewery has also collaborated with the notorious Voodoo Doughnuts of Oregon and Colorado, as well as many others. 


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