New Glassware in the Philadelphia Area

Glassware from Tired Hands

Glassware is all the rage in the craft beer community. Limited releases often sell for twice the original price on the secondary market. We recently covered an Imprint collaboration with Beer Zombies that included new glasses. Imprint sold out, but it’s still available on the Beer Zombies website. Although breweries can’t sell glassware with pop culture icons, more breweries are using original art in their designs. This particularly shines in Imprint’s anniversary glasses, the Beer Zombie glass, and the upcoming Icarus release mentioned below.

Last week was Tired Hands‘ Only Void Day that was accompanied by two new glasses. They released two new styles that are still available here. Levante Brewing in West Chester also debuted some colorful glassware for their “Tickle” line of IPAs. These include a mini Teku for Tiny Tickle and a 16-ounce Willi Becher for Extra Trickle. Brewery mugs are also gaining popularity right now, so you should snatch them up anywhere you can! However, Levante’s mug is currently out of stock. The other glasses are available here.

Even breweries outside of Pennsylvania are jumping on the bandwagon. Icarus Brewing in Lakewood, NJ sells a wide variety of styles. They currently offer two f the most popular styles, a Rastal Tumbler and Teku, with original art on them. Additionally, they have a special glass release for Friday the 13th coming out this Friday, November 13th. This glass will be a 21-ounce Willi Becher that features original art by Old Glory Tattoo Co. It’s really cool and includes a plague doctor mask, an homage to COVID. Check it out here.

PHOTO: Tired Hands Brewing Company


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