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Lady Justice x 4 Noses Collab

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Exciting news out of Denver this week- two well-known names in the area have teamed up for an interesting and elegant collaboration in the style of an Italian Pilsner. Lady Justice Brewing and 4 Noses Brewing of Denver, CO are teaming up for a new collab. The dry-hopped collaboration libation is dubbed Super Diva, and features Pulawski hops, a variety with which I was unfamiliar until writing this very article. 

Announced just before the final voting day of this dreadful election, the beer, as mentioned, is an Italian-Style Pilsner featuring Polish hops, namely Pulawski hops. The hops shipped straight from their motherland, and found their way into this multicultural and super-unique brew. According to the Instagram announcement from Lady Justice, the beer is “…bursting with white grape flavor… this beer is perfect to sip after an awesome workout.”

The beer is named for the late, great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice and champion of humanitarian and equalitarian causes. She stayed fit using vigorous workouts well into old age, and wore a now-famous crew neck sweatshirt emblazoned with the very same words used to name this beer. The sweatshirts will be also be available for purchase in the taprooms only (meaning not online) alongside the beer release. All proceeds will go to the ACLU of Colorado. 

Lady Justice Brewing Company’s mission statement says explicitly that “We exist solely to make the world a better place, not to maximize our incomes.” The ultimate goal of the female-owned brewery is to partner with organizations that work toward the betterment of communities and amplify their voices, names and missions with events like beer releases and more. The beer is great, too! According to their website’s current taplist, they have quite the variety to choose from, including the Sandra Day IPA, La Maestra Barrel-Aged Margarita Gose, Liberty Lager, and even a hard seltzer. 

I featured 4 Noses Brewing Company of Broomfield, CO in an article covering a recent release of theirs, found here. The brewery is back at it in this consciously-brewed collab, bringing a fresh twist on an old idea. Cheers to special beers. 

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