Cool Can Art: Bow & Arrow Brewing’s Collab with Dark Side Brew Crew

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Last weekend, Native American and female owned Bow & Arrow Brewing dropped on our heads the coolest looking can I have seen, quite possibly, all year long.

The ever popular brewery located in Albuquerque, NM joined forces with DARK SIDE BREW CREW, a collective who covers the New Mexico beer scene (sound familiar?)

The idea was conceptualized by the folks at Dark Side while chatting about their favorite desserts.

Marzipan came up in conversation and before they knew it, head brewer of Bow & Arrow, Ted O’Hanlan, was on board and ready to brew.

Pastry Slayer is a Marzipan inspired pastry stout brewed with the 1600lbs of grain, the maximum amount that Bow & Arrow’s mash tun would allow. The brew was conditioned on Madagascar vanilla bean, cacao nib and 9lbs of roasted almond PER BARREL, which I can appreciate’s because if it’s a Marzipan dessert stout, I expect that nutty sweetness that the classic dessert delivers.

There’s nothing worse than a pastry stout getting you all excited with the title and then falling short with flavor. If you’re gonna go for it, you gotta commit the way Ted did.

All those gorgeous sugar-ridden adjuncts contribute to a thicky-thicccc body and a suitable ABV for such a stout, 12.8%.

The can label shows an image of what looks to me like, if Skeletor was in a death metal band. (If there is a reference here that I am totally missing, someone please school me in the comments, lol). The logo, although it references ‘Slayer’ in the name, resembles Iron Maiden’s logo.

Metal fans, bust out the corpse paint and rejoice!

Basically, what I am trying to say, is that it hits every mark for me. Perfectly curated pastry stouts with more than enough flavorful ingredients, check. Metal nods and flares, check check. Badass female owned brewery in the desert, check check check… and I’m spent. Somebody get me a beer.

Unfortunately for us in PA and, well, everyone else that’s not local to Albuquerque will not be able to get their hands on this. But definitely keep your eye on this brewery. They are still rather young and hopefully, if it is their intent, will get distribution a little further out for the rest of us to enjoy!

Also, the folks at Dark Side filmed the brew day, so if you’d like to check it out, click here. And if you havent already, go follow @bowandarrowbrewing on Instagram. I find myself liking just about every single post they make. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing. And give our craft beer culture friends in the Southwest a follow, @darksidebrewcrew

Here’s the write-up Dark Side did on the brew day. Check it out!

Photo courtesy and property of Bow & Arrow Brewing

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