Grab a Treat at Hitchhiker this Weekend!


Photo courtesy of Hitchhiker Brewing

What a week it’s been. Does anyone else feel like we’ve gone through a month since Tuesday? With amazing temperatures this weekend in the ‘Burgh, it’s a great time to hold on to that sunshine and tuck into a few beers that will trick your tastebuds into thinking it’s summer. 

Hitchhiker Brewing has just the treat for this this weekend. This week, they’ve released two favorites that I’m hyped for. They sold out like lightning, but I’ve had good luck finding past sellouts at my local Giant Eagle a few days after (pro tip – found some Oreo Speedwagon that way recently after it sold out at the brewery). 

 First, we’ve got Whole Punch: Double Dreamsicle. Have a friend that claims all IPAs are hoppy and bitter? Not fully on the IPA bandwagon? This series is for you! Anything with Whole Punch in the name is juicy, fruity and straight up tasty. Whole Punch: Double Dreamsicle has been on my must list since the last release. I LOVE any time of creamsicle beer, they’re a kryptonite for me. A perfect balance of orange and vanilla bean, this beer is a sneaky 9% that will have you coming back for more, promise. 

Next, another fave in the Pittsburgh Beer world, Double Bottle Service. This fruited sour is one that flies off the shelves! Brewed with wheat and oats and conditioned on oranges and tangerines, this is brew is the perfect ingredient to your #sundayfunday or #saturdayfunday (let’s pretend the second one is a thing). Packing an ABV punch at 9.5%, this brew tastes like OJ and will have you easily finishing that prized four-pack this weekend.

Now, these fan-favorites are sold out on the Hitchhiker site, but don’t forget, they drop off their beer at Giant Eagles throughout town. It’s super possible you could find a gem on your grocery trip this weekend! It’s worth a look as these brews have unbelievable flavors. 

Headed to the brewery this weekend? Don’t fear, there’s some great stuff on tap as well. Mashmallow is still available! A collab with Leona’s Ice Cream, this brew is set to satisfy your sweet tooth. Conditioned on chocolaty cereal, this brew is another personal favorite here. Looking for something else? The Sharpsburg location is pouring 18.44, a cocktail inspired sour beer perfect for the sunshine this weekend. Headed to Mount Lebanon instead? Grab Party in Bedrock, a smoothie sour with cereal, milk sugar and marshmallow. 

As you can see, there’s treats galore at Hitchhiker this weekend! Whether you are 4-pack hunting at your local grocery or headed to the brewery, satisfy that sweet tooth! 


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