Philly Breweries That Make Their Own Coffee

Coffee Made By Imprint
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Here at Fueled By Hops, we love beer, but we also love coffee. That’s why I created a list of breweries in my area that also produce their own coffee. That way people know where to grab the best brews… Get it? Brews. Anyway, this list features some great breweries, including two of the hottest hype breweries in the country. Both Imprint and Tired Hands, who have their own lines of cold brew, have been featured on our list of top-rated breweries in the area.

Imprint Beer Company in Hatfield, PA roasts their own brand of coffee beans called Split Theory. They also produce a line of house-made cold brew. New roasts are released on an approximately bi-weekly basis, so you’ll never get tired of the offerings. Popular blends include Single-Origin Colombian and Barrel-Aged Single-Origin Sumatran. They barrel-aged the beans as opposed to aging the finished cold brew. This gave it a mild barrel flavor that didn’t overpower the coffee. In addition, Imprint used the Split Theory coffee beans in a few stouts they call Origins.

Tired Hands Brewing also roasts their own beans and sells their own cold brew called Awake Minds. They’re perhaps the most popular brewery in the Philadelphia area, receiving accolades from all over the country including Forbes’ Top 15 Breweries In The Country. So make sure you grab some of the best coffee when you pick up the best Milkshake IPAs in the area.

Levante Brewing in West Chester also produces its own coffee. Their Rise to Roar Daymaker Blend is a collaborative effort with Golden Valley Farms. They previously sold a Daymaker cold brew and 15-ounce ceramic mug as well.

Stolen Sun Brewing & Roasting out of Exton, PA (not far from Levante) opened with a focus on brewing beer and coffee. They currently offer Jumpy Jon’s Java Stout brewed with house-roasted coffee.

PHOTO: Imprint Beer Company

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