The Bruery Black Tuesday
The Bruery Black Tuesday
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Tuesday, Black Tuesday, Is Finally Here

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It is finally here…Black Tuesday has arrived!

This week is the release of one of the more famous beers in the American beer scene, if not the world. The Bruery (Placentia, California) gives us this massive, decadent imperial stout, Black Tuesday, to help hold us over for the cold winter ahead.

Released every Fall, Black Tuesday has all the flavors one should expect from a beer with its reputation. Caramel, anise, toasted malt, and the kick of alcohol that comes from a beer brewed to over 19% ABV. Further complexity is added when the beer ages in bourbon barrels for over a year. 

Along with a handful of other special beer releases, Black Tuesday helped to prime the craft beer community for the wave of barrel-aged stouts that have come to follow. In more recent years, they have released multiple spin-offs of Black Tuesday, with variations including the addition of hazelnut and chocolate as well as aging in other kinds of barrels. I personally love the red-wine barrel-aged Black Tuesday.

While it is still tough to get your hands on this beer, if you are able to make it to The Bruery or one of its shops, do yourself a favor and grab this highly rated ale. It did not make the “Top 100 Beers” on Beer Advocate by accident

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