Tired Hands’ Only Void Release Looks Different This Year

Tired Hands Only Void 2020

One of Philly’s most popular breweries releases multiple varieties of the popular Imperial Stout annually. But this year, there’s a twist! Tired Hands is releasing a brand new inverted version of Only Void. They brewed this “Imperial Ale” with two-row barley and flaked oats, then conditioned this bad boy on cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, turmeric, ginger, & peppercorn. Though “Golden Void” isn’t a traditional stout like its predecessors, this 11% whale is sure to warm you up on these cold fall nights.

The original Only Void and Single-Origin Only Void made with their Awake Minds coffee also make their return this year. All the brews go on sale Saturday, October 31st. However, there won’t be any draft beer due to COVID. They’ll only be available for pickup at Tired Hands locations and through their Dudley Direct beer shipping service. Dudley Direct only services the state of Pennsylvania and Washington DC. Click the following links to purchase at the Fermentaria in Ardmore and St. Oner’s in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood.

Additionally, they’ll be releasing new Only Void glassware to go with this release! These include a 0.3L Rastal Lüttich with white Only Void logo and a 12-ounce Perl Goblet with gold print. The 12-ounce is perfect for Golden Void! They are announcing more glassware on Halloween.



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