River North Adds Fuel to Your Nightmares

River North Adds Fuel to Your Nightmares

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

River North Brewery of Denver, CO has just re-released their whiskey barrel-aged stout, Nightmare Fuel. Funny, sounds like a dream to me (ba dum tss, eye-roll). 

Anyway, the Denver brewing company has just re-released their super-potent, barrel-aged coffee stout Nightmare Fuel. Announced via the brewery website and a Facebook event, the stout was release Saturday, October 24th on draft and in bottles at both of their Denver taprooms, and customers will also be able to pick up some Logan House coffee beans as well, which is the featured coffee brand in the special beer. 

The brewery paints quite a beautiful picture with their description of the righteously strong 12.9% ABV beer on their website- “Nightmare Fuel is a big, boozy, caffeine-loaded stout that we’ve been honing in on over the years, and we think you’ll find this year’s barrel-aged coffee stout to be even better than the last… fresh pot of coffee with the aromas hitting your nose before you even take your first sip… this beer is perfect for cuddling under a warm blanket.”  I personally subscribe to the seasonal enjoyment theory, and with the cold weather already showing its gnarled face, I’m craving dark beer now more than ever.

River North Brewery was founded in 2012, and has since put beer on a whole lot of shelves since. They have several standard offerings available in cans year-round, including an IPA, a DIPA, an NEIPA, a white, a pilsner, and a farmhouse ale. They also have year-round offerings including an 8.1% ABV, 23 IBU saison called J. Marie, as well as a belgian-style Quadrupel ale called Quandary. The brewery website also lists a once-yearly offering called Barrel-Aged Avarice, which is a Belgian-style Imperial Stout. With two taprooms in Denver and a beer finder on their website, there is plenty of opportunity to pick up some of these tasty brews. 

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