Finback Orca
Finback Orca

How Big is Finback Brewing’s Double Release? Like, ‘Orca’ Big

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What’s better than announcing the release of a bourbon barrel-aged stout? How about the release of TWO bourbon barrel-aged stouts? This weekend marks the release of Finback Brewing’s (New York, New York) double release of two Orca BBA Stout variants: Chocolate and Strawberry. 

Their base beer is a 13% ABV stout. For each of these variants, they are bourbon barrel-aged with vanilla and their respective variant flavor.  

While secondary beer market prices aren’t always a good judge of the quality of a beer, it should still say something that these variants are selling for THREE TIMES their original retail value from the brewery. 

Whatever barometer for beer greatness you use, Finback seems to have hit the mark with these variant releases. While they may go quickly, be sure to check their social media in the future for announcements and new beer releases.

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