Episode 49: “What did Scottro say at 45:06??” ft. Meg Seastedt of North Country Brewing Co.

The Fueled By Hops Podcast with Ryan and Scottro

On today’s episode we’re joined by Meg from North Country Brewing in Slippery Rock, PA.

The two start off by having a discussion about pumpkin beers.  Are you fan of pumpkin beers?

After the two discuss pumpkin beer, Meg Seastedt from North Country Brewing Co. join them (just a few minutes late – lol) and tells us that Bruce Wayne (her dog) is doing great!

Meg tells us a little more about the successful Oktoberfest event, their upcoming Golf Outing event, and the redesign of the For The People beer they do for hospitality workers.

Scottro then asks Meg what she sees the winter looking like for craft breweries, especially in the Pittsburgh (cold weather) area, as well as how North Country will be operating this winter in the COVID-19 times.

Meg than tells us more about Pittsburgh Pink Boots and Ryan tells us how he’s been “kinda creepily” following someone on social media he wants to deliver the keynote address.  (Follow-up:  She agreed to keynote!)

The three then talk a bit about west coast and east coast IPAs while Ryan drinks a Hazy West Cost IPA (ever heard of that?  Us, neither.)

After Meg fills us in on some of the latest happenings at North Country, the trio go into a conversation about horror films (Scottro mentions something weird about murder porn?! WTF SCOTT) And they wrap the episode up talking about tattoos.