The ‘Beersgiving’ Campaign Designed to Diversify the Brewing Industry, Once and For All

The ‘Beersgiving’ Campaign Designed to Diversify the Brewing Industry, Once and For All

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Beersgiving, initiated by Danii Oliver of Island to Island Brewing, was designed to be a 1 year campaign to diversify the brewing industry once and for all. 

The program benefits all families, civilian and military, to welcome and mentor career trainsitions and to support endeavors of mental health.

Danii, a military daughter, recognized that the men and women who serve in the military give the truest sacrifice and are often left out of the job market and without much support, once their duty is no longer active, which is equivalent to the problems underrepresented people and communities face. 

“Tenacity, patience, open-mindedness to approach people from different worlds because it’s part of their lived experience” Danii recognizes in people who have served. “They can show us the way.” 

Beersgiving mentors people by welcoming interested parties, answering questions and offering opportunity for collaboration. The program is also meant to create awareness of certain roles in the beer industry that perhaps people did not know existed or perhaps would create roles that breweries didn’t know they needed, and in turn, could be lateral moves for folks working in Corporate America.

If you’re a Pittsburgher, you’ve probably heard of First Sip Brew Box, founded by Dennis Guy and his wife Sammie. Dennis is an Army Veteran who had seeked mentorship from Beersgiving.

Dennis shared, “It helped us both as a small business showing how we are different. Veteran Owned, Black Owned and Woman Owned. This differentiates us from every other subscription box company in the United States in our industry. Also on a personal level, to share our story past, present and future.”

Beersgiving teamed up with Pink Boots Society, Northern Texas Chapter to host a “Learn to Homebrew” day, on November 7th, as an opportunity to bring together professional mentors with budding homebrewers. The mentoring brew day will take place at KIDO Family Ranch, Danii’s homestead.

We love to see ideas like this put into motion! Cheers to diversifying the craft beer industry and the women behind it all!

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