Episode 48: “Alex bailed on us.” ft. Nick from The Weekly Recap Podcast and Extra Credit ft. Sufferfest Brewing

The Fueled By Hops Podcast with Ryan and Scottro

Scottro and Ryan are joined once again this week by Nick from The Weekly Recap podcast.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, Nick’s brother Alex was unable to join us.

The three open the show by talking about the big news in PA craft beer:  brewery and restaurant capacities were lifted from 25% to 50% this week.  The duo celebrates this before talking about which breweries they plan to visit once more breweries begin opening for on-site consumption.

Ryan and Nick then start talking about their love of Marino’s American Eatery (we have to talk about this each episode it seems).

Scottro then tries to persuade the others to buy his local beer distributor.  Ryan then brings the conversation back to Marino’s and talks about how they’ve solved one of the biggest problems beer distributors don’t know they have.

Nick and Scottro then reminisce on some of the spots they’ve played shows at with their old bands in the Greensburg area.  Ryan stayed out of this conversation because he can’t play an instrument to save his life.

After some discussion of drinking sessions, the three then dive in to their favorite lawnmower beers before talking about dealing with haters of their respective podcasts online.

The team then talk about some of the latest breweries opening in the Pittsburgh region before talking about their favorite places to buy craft beer in the area before wrapping up their segment of the show.

As part of the Extra Credit portion of this episode, Ryan interviews of Caitlin Landesberg of Sufferfest Brewing.  Caitlin gives us her story in to craft beer and how she founded and grew Sufferfest Brewing to eventually be acquired by Sierra Nevada Brewing!

P.S… Dear Alex, the title of today’s show was soooo Nick’s idea.


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