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Hop Butcher for the World Tries its First “Clear” Triple IPA for Half of This Week’s Releases

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In a beer environment where Hazy, or New England, IPAs have come to dominate the market, it is literally and figuratively refreshing to see a brewery provide a balance to the haziness in their beers. Hop Butcher for the World (Chicago, IL) provides that balance with their simultaneous releases, Reply Hazy Try Again, and Brainforest.

Reply Hazy Try Again sees the team revisiting a recipe they haven’t brewed since last October. This Double IPA clocks in at 7.5% ABV, making sure not to inundate your palate with so much alcohol that your taste buds become fatigued early. They use a combination of Citra, Motueka, and Simcoe to balance out those fruit notes with some cattier, piney notes.

Unlike Reply Hazy, Brainforest is a Triple Clear IPA, hitting 10.5% ABV. “Clear IPA” is not a typo, and before you start to worry about another style to memorize, the brewers clarified on their Instagram that it clear pretty much just means “not hazy”. If you still aren’t sure, think closer to West Coast IPA. Hopped exclusively with Enigma hops, this beer hits with the bitterness of the prototypical West Coast IPAs, with the interesting flavor combination of berries, orange zest, and pine.

Visit Hop Butcher For the World’s website for pickup details. 

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