Announcing Our Second Keynote Speaker for Cheers, Yinz! Fest: Barb Baker

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We’re super excited to announce our second keynote speaker for Cheers, Yinz! Fest.

As the VP of Fermenta, a women’s craft beer collective that’s committed to education, networking, diversity, and empowerment within the fermented beverage and food industries, Barb Baker is helping women break barriers in the world of craft beer..

We can’t wait to hear her share her story.

Barb is also a Brooklyn Brewery Rep, Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, home-brewer, beer connoisseur, tv host, actress, lifestyle expert, adventure junky, entertainer, world traveler (she’s drank beer all over the world!), blogger, and more!
As a bonus, she’s originally from Stuebenville, OH, so she’s familiar with our Yinzer language!

You can learn more about Barb at SirenofStout.com or by following her Instagram at @SirenOfStout. You can also learn more about Fermenta here.

The date of the Cheers, Yinz Fest! (11.21.20) is quickly approaching. Be sure to grab your tickets here! ALL proceeds of the event go to participating breweries.

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