We are Pleased to Announce our Keynote Speaker for the Cheers, Yinz! Fest: Julia Herz


Joining us as the leadoff keynote speaker for Cheers, Yinz! Fest will be Julia Herz, founder of HerzMuses Enterprises and former Craft Beer Program Director of the Brewers Association.

Julia will kick off our festival with a 30-minute keynote inspired by the current COVID times, and the current state of craft brewing in the U.S. More details to come about her keynote address.

More about Julia:

As one of the main advocates behind U.S. craft breweries Julia’s work directly contributed to U.S. craft beer sales growth and demand from 2007-2020. She has been featured by thousands of media outlets and is a speaker, writer, author, and educator. Most recently Julia was the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association (BA) and Publisher of CraftBeer.com. Her areas of expertise include the state of U.S. craft beer, beer styles, marketing, and beverage trends. Following the BA COVID caused layoffs she started a strategic consulting LLC for small businesses and breweries called HerzMuses Enterprises. Follow her beer-filled adventures on Twitter @herzmuses and her LinkedIN profile.

If you haven’t grabbed tickets to the Cheers, Yinz! Fest yet, you can do so here!



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